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About program
It's a dancing program based on Bachata steps and moves where instructor breaks down the choreographies with the music and without counting.

Dance program created specially for those who want to start dancing or try something new

You won't have a chance not to fall in love with bachata

Program for those who...

...wants to dance and try new dance style the feminine energy and calmness

...who have long wanted to try but for some reason was afraid or could not find their instructor

...wants to enjoy flowing and beautiful dance movements accompanied by no less beautiful music

... wants to improve physical condition and mental health

Training content

Module 1


Class structure
Warm-up structure
Choreography levels
Count and musical square

Choreography composition rules
Choreography breakdown
Communication and interaction

Module 2


Two master classes
Basic step technique
Step and movement variations
Basic step variations

Basic footworks
Arms variations
Choreography (practical task)

Module 3

start for instructor

How to start, promote and sell the program
How to grow and improve after training

Training process


Within the theoretical block you will learn the structure of the program and the principles of class building, creating and learning of choreographies. You will learn why such format will attract people to attend classes on a regular basis


Basic step: technique and variations-it's the foundation which is important to start. During two days you'll learn and practice basic steps and movements on which the choreographies will be based on. You'll also have an opportunity to create choreography while the training and get program creator's feedback.


We provide an individual approach to students taking into account the level of preparation and personality traits. During the training you will receive personal recommendations and support from the master-trainer and the program creator.

After the training,

instructors will receive

Playlist for the first classes

A starter playlist, which is based on the basic principle of the program and includes suitable and popular tracks that will help instructors to create an appropriate atmosphere in classes, as well as improve students' motivation

A warm-up, steps and movements video record for practice

A warm-up, all steps and movements video record is created especially for future instructors for their personal practice after training.

It will help to fill in the gaps, as well as to refine technique and work with plasticity and body isolation - it's a key to a successful start and development in a new dance style.

4 starting choreographies

These choreographies will help future instructors to prepare and launch their own classes, as well as continue to develop after training.

The choreographies are based on all the basic steps and movements that are covered in detail in our training sessions

Training schedule

February 17-18


March 16-17


April 13-14


March 2-3

Saint Petersburg

March 23-24


March 9-10


March 30-31


May 11-12


Program creator

Marina Martyniuk

Master trainer

Once I fell in love with this dance, and now I'm ready to share my experience and increase the number of happy dancing people

Dancing people are happy people

I truly believe that people who dance, no matter professionally or not, are very happy people. And I would like this program to be available for everyone who just wants to dance and enjoy the movements and music of bachata rhythm

I've been leaving in Asia since 2013 till 2021

I conducted trainings, master classes, workshops mainly for beginners. I really like the process of teaching people from scratch, when you can light that spark inside and become a guide to the world of dance

The idea of Bachata DanceFit program was born in 2022

When I saw how many girls and women wanted to dance, try something new, enjoy the music, themselves and the atmosphere at my bachata workshops in different cities and countries.

What they say about the program

What they say about the program

Yana Olimova
Hi all. Can I share my joy with you))) I taught my first class today, it was incredibly exciting and scary before class. But after the warm-up Id already calmed down and I really enjoyed it, to be honest. Marina, thank you so much for everything. Of course, there is still a lot to work on, but today both the girls and I had fun
Victoria Shevyreva
Marina, thank you so much for those two wonderful days. Emotions do not subside, the body is aching. Your energy, charisma and cat's grace are fascinating. I hope that the tradition to meet every spring with you will remain in my life. Now we will work twice harder and bring the beauty of bachata to the world. I was glad to make new acquaintances with all the girls. Nastya, thank you very much for organizing such events. Thanks to you Samara comes alive)
Natalia Katalnikova
I want to thank you again for this enchanting training and for creation of such a cool project "I'm sure it will take off! Colleagues are already writing and asking))) And I am so proud that we are the first! I'm starting the first class in a new format on Friday, Anya proskills thank you so much for organizing it! Every time I'm fascinated by the way you keep up with everything! Many thanks to all the girls. Our group was so adorable that those two days were like the whole life to me. I miss it already!
Olivia Perez
Hi everyone, I'm planning to get up and start training right now, I want to start regular classes as soon as possible! Marina, thank you so much for the whole process, for all the knowledge you have shared with us these days. I hope this program will flourish and make people's hearts happy, and all of us will be successful guides to this beautiful world of bachata! Girls, I wish success to all of you in the start!
Good morning! How many wonderful words have been said! “In turn, I express my HUGE THANKS to Marina. No online training can replace LIVE training. It’s really like Marina said, a person is drawn to Energy. If it sank inside, then that’s it, your person. All expectations were met. It’s both difficult and easy at the same time. It's difficult when you need to control your whole body and learn steps. It’s easy when you are starting to enjoy the movements, the music, and yourself in the mirror. Super! Marina passed it on to everyone. The energy of Femininity, elegance, grace and a sense of Humor.
Anya Petrova
Marina, thanks for your decisiveness to launch the course!!! Personally for myself I've realized my mistakes, I've realized what I really want and I'm gonna work in this direction, I've found new friends and a new direction for changes. Today I had an individual training and what a pleasure it was not to share Marina with anyone, sorry girls!!! Detailed elaboration, focusing on the smallest details, 2 hours of hard work in one breath. That was not easy, personally for me, BUT, Marina, you are a very cool teacher and just a soulful person!!! Thank you for the given opportunity of the impossible. I really thought that it's impossible to get to you ... Girls, if you still have self-doubts, I wholeheartedly recommend you to have a training with Marina. Today I had 2 hours of hard work and fun with Marina, thank you
Girls finally I've held the first class, I was so worried that I was up all night, but the class flew in one breath, there were quite a lot of people in my group and everyone left happy with positive feedbacks, even newcomer, who is not zumba dancer left training happy. We've done a bunch of 1 day with little changes, I see my mistakes and I will work them out, but the training was unexpectedly harmonious for me, accordingly to Marina's playlist, in general girls it's a rush, Marina thanks again for everything!
Demchik Olga
Good morning, girls. Marina, please accept my words of gratitude. My endless respect and admiration. I understand that it's just the beginning, but thanks to you this beginning is so powerful and strong that I feel very confident. Many compliments have been conveyed to you by my friends and acquaintances. As you've really done a great job with us, as if we have been training at least for a week, not for two days (I'm quoting). Tonight after strength training I will remember everything, dance and bring it to perfection. Strength and patience to you.
Natalya Proskurina
Girls, good morning everyone! Today I woke up with a feeling of happiness in my soul! EMOTIONS from the program, from information, from communication, are simply off the charts!!! I know for sure that this program will resonate in the hearts of many people and give them a lot of positive emotions! Happy to be among this wonderful, feminine and gentle team!!! Thank you very much Marinochka for your brain and care! I have never felt such support during any training! My gratitude and love! I'm sending them to you!!! Today I want to jump and sing with happiness!!!
Anna Petrova
Wow girls! Hi all!!! I’m writing straight out of emotion, I completed my first class and only had time to work on one musical square, it flew by in one breath! There were girls of different levels in my class, some of mine, whom we have been working with since September, and some who were completely new, even one strength instructor!!! So I was drawn to walk and correct and then they just worked it out!!! There are no reviews yet, so they said that they liked it!
But I came out sweaty, it was fitness hard !!!

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